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How To Run Your Business as Per Usual Productive IT Routine During COVID 19

The COVID-19 outbreak has created massive disruptions in the usual schedule and operations of different businesses. While a majority of companies are worried about how to run their businesses and enhanced their productivity, there are some other businesses that are ready to help. These companies offer IT as well as a hardware solution to help businesses in this critical situation. Some of the ways how these companies can offer help are:

High-Quality Services

The providers of website design & development services can offer a wide range of quality services to the businesses. In the COVID-19 lockdown situations, where people are unable to move out of their houses, having an online presence has become a need for every business. In such cases, the website design & development services provider can help in building user-friendly websites for the clients. Even by working with the clients present at remote locations, the professionals can deliver exceptional quality web development services.

Deliver On-Time Projects

Even though the outbreak of Coronavirus has brought the entire world to a halt, the IT companies continue to offer services to the clients. Dedicated and passionate employees have taken up work from homes and are committed to complete the assigned projects within the deadlines. Outsourcing your projects to such companies can help in the effective operation of your business as per the schedule without affecting your productivity.

Provide Customized Services

The digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad is dedicated to providing customized services to the businesses in difficult times. By understanding the unique requirements of the different business clients, the company offers tailor-made solutions that help in achieving the desired business goals. The passionate IT experts keep working continuously to offer services that meet the expectations of the clients and enhance their business productivity.

Improved Communication

In order to ensure the smooth running of your business, effective communication is an important aspect. But in COVID-19 situations, communication has been interrupted. But to help the businesses pursue their productive routine, the IT service providers have come up with innovative solutions.

With the use of applications like Slack, Google Hangout, and Skype, these companies communicate with their clients effectively. It helps in understanding the exact requirements of the clients effectively and delivering them with the best. It also ensures that there is no interruption in the business operations, and you can continue following your usual productive routine.

Cost-Effective Solutions

In the crucial situation of COVID-19, businesses are looking for a way to cut down their expenses and save more. In such situations, outsourcing projects is an ideal option. With cost-effective solutions, the application development company in Gujarat can offer the best value to the businesses.

Cross Techno Works is a leading IT and hardware service providers that offer quality help to the businesses even in the COVID-19 situation. Apart from the website development, design, and digital marketing services, it also offers CCTV camera installation services to the clients. With high quality and cost-effective solutions, the company helps in enhancing the productivity of businesses.

Top 9 Social Media Marketing Tools

With so many social media marketing tools out there, it becomes tricky at times to choose the right ones for improving your business’s online presence. Today, social media presence is very important to reach out to your audience and hence, you need a fully strategized plan that will help you achieve your goals. So, how do you actually do that? Well, you have to keep track of the new tools and trends that are important for strategizing a successful marketing plan. Let’s see the top 9 social media marketing tools that will help you carry out your marketing plan successfully.
1. Biteable: This is perhaps the most user-friendly tool to make stunning and informative videos for your social media. Putting valuable content on social media is very important and as visual content engages more customers in comparison to plain content this tool can be of great benefit for your business. This tool provides free video footage, templates, music, and animated gifs.
2. Buzzsumo: Marketing is not just about who your audience is and what they are looking for. It is also about knowing about your competitors and how you are being perceived in the market. Buzzsumo is a research tool that helps you determine how well you are doing and what content is working best for you. You can find content that is trending, find influencers, track your competitors, find content that your audience is looking for and much more.
3. Missinglttr: Missinglttr is a great tool to drive traffic to your website. It will help you transform your quality blog posts into social media posts i.e. handling the promotion aspect for you. This tool can convert your blogs into a 12-month social campaign for your different social media channels. You can easily review or edit the content if needed.
4. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management dashboard tool that helps you to manage all your social media channels all at one place. You can schedule posts across different social media accounts, manage your content, track your performance and filter conversations that matter to your company or your industry.
5. MeetEdgar: This is a social media scheduler and management tool and is somewhat similar to Hootsuite. However, both work quite differently. MeetEdgar can help you schedule and automate your content (post and re-post your evergreen content). This tool can even write social media status updates based on your articles or blogs.

6. Sumo: Sumo has a pool of tools that can help you automate your site growth which in turn will enable you to revamp your marketing approach.
7. Canva: Canva is another amazing tool that can be of great use for social media marketers which they can use to make stunning social media images. This tool provides ready-made templates, designs, icons, and illustrations to make images look great.
8. Animoto: Animoto is a one-stop tool to create amazing social media marketing videos for your social media platforms. You can easily attract your audience by making engaging videos which in turn would increase your traffic and sales.
9. Feedly: This is a great tool to keep track of all the topics that you are interested in – be it blogs, YouTube channels, twitter influencers that you follow and even get keyword alerts and follow RSS feeds that matter to you.
Hence, these were top 9 social media marketing tools that you can incorporate in your marketing strategy. There are indeed many other great tools out there, but you need to adopt those that fit in your marketing plan. Also, you need to keep up with the latest trends and tools so that you don’t miss out to add them to your marketing toolkit.